Event details Dance and theatre On 18 November 2019
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When the medicine fails to provide answers to the strange symptoms of the young Regan, his desperate mother Chris turns to a priest for help.
But before Father Damien can face what he has to face, he has to overcome a huge problem concerning his faith in God and his convictions, because this is a struggle for something much more important than the soul of a girl.
It is something that relates us to our deepest fears, our unavowable secrets, hidden at the bottom of others and ourselves.
A battle to the last breath with the demons who want our lives.
The exorcist.
The exorcist, the most chilling and extreme test of faith, comes to life on stage.
It transforms the disturbing battles of good against evil, of faith against doubt and of ego against ethos into a uniquely theatrical experience, as sophisticated as it is emotionally engaging.
The Exorcist is the theatrical adaptation by John Pielmeier, (Agnes of God) of the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty, from which the famous film by William Friedkin was taken.

Source: IAT Verona