Palio Remiero delle Contrade
Event details Exhibitions - Sport - Festivals and folklore - Fairs and markets - Dance and theatre - Great events On 16 June 2019
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If you want to immerge yourself in the ancient atmosphere of the past and relive the traditions of Cavallino Treporti, every year, between late May and late June, our coast is the setting for Palio Remiero. An event that traces the ancient memories of the past and combines love of sports and outdoor activities with the tradition of "Venetian rowing", a technique of ancient origin born to navigate with agility the lagoon canals despite the shallow sandy water.

The Palio commemorates the crossing of the lagoon taken by the farmers of the coast to Venice. In particular, it recalls the race the farmers from Cavallino had with farmers from Vignole and Sant'Erasmo to get the best positioned stall in Rialto vegetable market.

The event takes place over a month between festivals, long bike rides along the banks and exciting regattas, during which representatives from different districts compete aboard mascaretes, caorline and gondolas. Music, good food, sports and entertainment are the backdrop to an event that engages and entertains everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.
The lagoon canals, the colourful caorline, everyone dressed up and the infectious enthusiasm of the locals make a great setting for the Palio.

But the most popular event of all is without a doubt the main race, the caorline race. It is an exciting race with oars clashing involving the locals of individual districts. The Palio d'Arte will be awarded to the winning district. This banner is created by a different artist every year.

Source: IAT Cavallino