Brigitte Niedermair. Me and Fashion Personal photo exhibition.
Event details Exhibitions From 9 May 2019 To 24 November 2019
Venezia Website Ask for info (0039) 041 721798

A dynamic interaction between the artist's photographs - taken from her archive of over twenty years of photographic practice - and the architecture and furnishings of the connecting rooms of Palazzo Mocenigo.

In collaboration with Charlotte Cotton, international curator of photography, Niedermair has adapted to the specific atmosphere of each room, inserting her unique tableaux of fashion and still life photos in these historical environments that range from intimate to imposing size.

Niedermair has selected and removed several paintings from the Palazzo Mocenigo collection, replacing them with her photographs to amplify and deliberately contrast the underlying meanings of genre and identity that permeate these predominantly 17th century interiors. Gradually, the viewer realises that the only women portrayed looking outside the confines of their frames date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, while their contemporary counterparts resist by turning their backs on them.

Niedermair's work at the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo revives the interiors and the gender narratives inherent in them. The exhibition is accompanied by the Niedermair Me and Fashion survey book, published by Damiani Editore, which adds a further meaning to the artist's constant visual commentary on the representation of women and the meaning of fashion.

Source: Redazione