Padua Slow Tour On Saturday, in Padua we go "Slow"
Event details Guided tours and excursions From 2 March 2019 To 31 July 2019 (solo Saturday)
Padova Website Ask for info (0039) 049 5207415

A new way to visit the city offered by the qualified tourist guides of Padua, which unfolds between the Squares and the Palazzo della Ragione.

"Art&Slow Tour": " in no hurry" the visitor will delve into the history and ancient traditions of the city. You will be led into the pulsating daily life of the Botteghe Sotto il Salone (Market under the Hall), the medieval city squares where frantic commercial activity took place, and you will immerse yourself in the discovery of some frescoed places with visits to the Palazzo della Ragione and the Baptistery.

The tour takes place every Saturday afternoon: in Italian (2 p.m.) and English (4.15 p.m.).

Slowtour "Sottosopra" (Upside down): an immersive tour of Palazzo della Ragione, whose complex and layered history will be brought to light through a visit to the archaeological excavations (curated by the Arc.A. association). Dia). The construction phases of the Palace, one of the founding symbols of Padua's fourteenth-century identity, will be explained and finally a detailed examination of the frescoed astrological cycle will be offered. The internal pictorial cycle is interpreted as an enormous calendar, entering into the details of every single month, whose references reveal cultural persistences, sometimes evident but often hidden, in the painted images.

The tour takes place every second Saturday of the month in Italian only, (10.30 a.m.).

At the end of the tour, an optional stop at the Covered Market Shops is offered for tastings.

Source: Redazione