Cavalcaselle 1919 - 2019. Visite guidate al cantiere
Event details Guided tours and excursions On 2 May 2019
Verona Ask for info (0039) 045 8000361
The Directorate of the Civic Museums of the Municipality of Verona in collaboration with the University of Verona, Department of Culture and Civilization, and the Municipality of Legnago has planned a series of initiatives for the celebrations of the bicentenary of the birth of the art historian Giovanni Battista Cavalcaselle (Legnago 1819 - Rome 1897), a citizen of Leghorn, a protagonist in the history of art criticism and protection in the nineteenth century.

In particular, the Civic Museums Directorate starts a project to enhance the Museum of frescoes at the Tomb of Juliet in Verona which is dedicated to Cavalcaselle, offering the public an intense program of activities.

Source: IAT Verona