La Fiaba è Servita
Event details Exhibitions - Family and children From 2 March 2019 To 7 April 2019
Monselice Website Ask for info (0039) 0429 74309
From March 2nd to April 7th 2019 Villa Pisani of Monselice, in collaboration with the Sarmede's S. Zavrel Foundation, hosts the childhood illustration exhibition "La Fiaba è Servita"!
The exposition is made of 75 illustrations brought from books about fantastic delicacies, to feed ourselves with stories, poems, and rhymes. A world where kings, queens, prices, and princesses are substituted by magical pots, hungry kids and never-full ogres. A world to be imagined and explored listening to fairy tales, looking for the secrets of the illustrations.
The exhibit offers the possibility to get in touch with new cultures, thanks to the illustrations telling us about food and recipes from all around the world. Getting to know the figures displayed one may touch upon the delicate theme of diversity, with the sight of sharing, in order to create a moment of encounter, comparison, and comprehension between different subjects.
For the whole duration of the exhibition, creative workshops, animated readings, animation film shows, and educational visits for schools are scheduled. The exhibition is a Sarmede's Štepán Zavrel Foundation project and it's organised by Euganea Movie Movement and the Monselice's Municipality Culture Department.
The exhibit is opened every day, Monday to Sunday.

Source: IAT Monselice