Lake of Centro Cadore

Lago di Centro Cadore - foto di Luisa Quinto

Lake Centro Cadore is an artificial body of water surrounded by diverse landscapes, sometimes rugged and rocky, at other times filled with dense forests, but always dominated by the Marmarole mountain range, the Dolomite peaks declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The lake is located in the Cadore valley between the towns of Pieve, Calalzo, Domegge and Lozzo. Summer is obviously the best season for a wonderful trip to these places that are ideal for countless outdoor activities: from simple walks to the most challenging trekking expeditions, from mountain bike trips to SUP paddling. For example, Calalzo di Cadore sees the beginning of “La Lunga Via delle Dolomiti”, the long-distance cycle path that leads to Cortina d'Ampezzo. But you can also swim and fish in the lake, while the wall of the dam in Sottocastello acts as a rock gym for sports climbing. 

For those who love cultural tourism, we remind you that in Pieve di Cadore you can visit the birthplace of Titian Vecellio, the greatest representative of sixteenth-century Venetian painting, while the naturalist hot springs area of Lagole is a very important archaeological site known as "the source of Cadorian civilization". Be sure to take a walk at Parco Roccolo di Pieve di Cadore, where a viewing platform offers you one of the most enchanting panoramic views of all the Dolomites.

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