Lago di Auronzo - foto di Luisa Quinto

Clear, fresh water lakes

The Venetian alpine lakes sparkle like diamonds, with pure and crystalline waters. They are all located in the province of Belluno, in the northern part of the region, and in summer their waters reflect woodland, forests and imposing Dolomite peaks. They represent a paradise for those who love water sports such as canoeing, SUP or kitesurfing but also for those who prefer relaxing holidays with quiet lakeside walks or picnics at high altitudes.

Ready to take a break and enjoy these extraordinary landscapes?

Lago di Santa Croce

A natural body of water that reflects mount Alpago and Nevegal, Santa Croce Lake is the second largest basin of the Veneto region.  The lake is found at the gates of Belluno for those coming from the central eastern area of the Veneto region. 
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Misurina Lake

Its emerald colored lake reflects some of the most beautiful mountains in the world
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Lago di Auronzo

Lake Auronzo is a stretch of clear waters ranging in hue from emerald green to sky-blue and extending for two kilometres along the Ansiei Valley, in Auronzo di Cadore.
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Lago di Centro Cadore

It is an artificial lake surrounded by diverse landscapes, sometimes rugged and rocky, at other times filled with dense forests, but always dominated by the Marmarole mountain range, the Dolomite peaks declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
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Lago di Alleghe

A quiet holiday can be alternated with numerous sport activities. Lake-lovers can engage in windsurfing and sailing, but you can also fish or venture around the entire circumference by canoe, kayak, rowboat or on the classic pedal boat. 
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Lago del Mis

A few kilometres from Belluno, in the territory of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, the Lake and the Valley of Mis are the ideal destination for nature lovers looking for serenity
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Lago di Corlo

Corlo Lake at Arsiè is a small Norwegian fjord immersed in the mountains of Belluno and only a few kilometres from the Venetian valley
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