Alleghe Lake

Agordino is a vast geographical area in the province of Belluno, with the mountains of Civetta, Marmolada, the Agner, the Pale of San Lucano, the peaks of Focobon and the peaks of Auta. Countless waterways and mountain lakes are distributed along the basin of the Cordevole torrent. 

When they reach Alleghe they form the lake with the same name. Its origins date back to January 1771, when an enormous landslide detached from Mount Spiz blocking the flow of the main torrent. In only three days the lake reached a height of approximately forty meters submerging entire villages.

A quiet holiday can be alternated with numerous sport activities. Lake-lovers can engage in windsurfing and sailing, but you can also fish or venture around the entire circumference by canoe, kayak, rowboat or on the classic pedal boat. All of these can be rented. For those who like to walk, we recommend a leisurely stroll along the promenade or the more challenging "lake tour", in one house you can go from Masarè to the waterfall of Ru de Rialt.

There are also many types of accommodations: from four star hotels, to small family run guest houses, to camping on the lake shore. Agordino is also a food tasting area where Ladin delicious specialties can be enjoyed.
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