Festa dell'uva Soave
Event details Wine and food - Guided tours and excursions From 13 September 2019 To 15 September 2019
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In the third weekend of September, from 14th to 16th, Soave celebrates the 91st edition of the “Feast of the Grape” which is considered one of the most ancient and famous feasts of Italy.
The feast offers every year a carnet of events linked to grapes, wine and local food. It was born in 1929 as the first Italian manifestation which celebrates in particular the so called “Garganega”: the precious white grape cultivated on the hills of Soave DOC.
The event welcomes many shows, exhibitions, meetings about grapes and wine, sport events and music concerts.
For greedy people there are also many stands which propose local dishes and local food of this area, a feast dedicated to Bacco, the god of wine and the grapes harvest.
This feast ends on Sunday with the amazing fireworks and the traditional “burning” of the castle.

Source: IAT Soave