Sunset in Music
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Scenic walk at sunset on the antique parapet walk.
Let the atmosphere of medieval times enchant you while walking on top of the ramparts at sunset.

The ramparts of Cittadella are a rare example of medieval means of defense, one of the best preserved ones in Europe. The wall reaches a height of 15 metres whereas the keeps next to the gates reach even 30 meters. The walls' circumference is 1461 meters, they have an elliptic shape and the average thickness is 2,10 meters. There are 32 towers with various dimensions: 4 keeps next to the gates, 12 quadrangular towers of 6x4 meters and about 22 meters high, and 16 turrets of 6x3 meters and about 15 meters high. The distance between these elements is about 40 meters and each one of these parts is crowned by so called “guelfi” merlons (rectangular) with rounded off corners. In some parts you can find “ghibellini” merlons, they look like a dovetail, but it's a matter of later remakes.
The city wall is provided with a parapet walk at the height of 14 meters from the ground, it is 80 cm large and nearly 2 km long, accessible on all its length.

From June through August every Saturday and Sunday until 9 p.m. Last admittance 8 p.m.

Source: Iat Cittadella