I Macchiaioli Masterpieces of a resurgent Italy.
Event details Exhibitions - Great events From 24 October 2020 To 30 June 2021
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Over one hundred masterpieces testify to the emotional world of the Macchiaioli, a world whose essence recounts the values of heroic and tireless man, of his strength and courage, of his desire to leave day after day in spite of any difficulty.

Independent and revolutionary spirits, full of patriotic fervour and steadfast in their affections, the Macchiaioli painted what was “real” to their eyes, capturing the emotions and values of man in every single moment of daily life, in every smile or human effort, in every landscape and unspoilt nature.

Already in the 19th century they were able to see beyond and with their art they exalted every single moment of everyday life, anticipating Monet, van Gogh, Gauguin ..., in their way of representing the human relationship in all its real value, in all its "heroism". Mothers radiant and full of life, children caught in their sleep, the woman reading the newspaper, people at the market, are among the protagonists of the splendid works exhibited in Padua.

An exhibition-event whose intent is to reopen an important chapter of Italian artistic history, reviving in the eyes of visitors, the fascinating and stimulating world of the artists who moved between Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, the beaches, the hills, the countryside, the villages, and that of their friends and supporters, far from the accolades of official critics, thanks to their audacious visual revolution.

Source: Iat Padova