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Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

Celebrated as one of the most prized and prestigious Verona wines and considered to be one of Italy’s most essential red wines, Amarone of Valpolicella is appreciated all over the world even by the most demanding consumers. It is certainly one of the Top Italian wines and is therefore deemed worthy of the label of Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin.

"Amarone" refers to the slight bitterness that characterises its taste when compared to the sweet and velvety flavour of Recioto wine which is its direct descendent and shares its grape blend. This characteristic is a result of the specific vinification techniques involved in the extremely important wilting stage, in which the good quality and fully-grown grapes –already selected during the grape harvest – are laid to rest in the drying room for a few months. This stage lasts until the water evaporates and they reach the desired level of concentrated sugar. Next comes the pressing stage followed by the oak aging. Before they are sold, a further refinement period in glass bottles is planned.

The result is a completely unique and inimitable wine with an intense red colour and flavoured with cherry, currants, chocolate and spices. It is a well-structured wine with a perfectly balanced full and soft flavour. One of the most refined aged red wines in Italy, ideal for serving with game and roasts, ham and matured cheeses.