Recioto di Gambellara DOCG

Recioto di Gambellara DOCG

On the list of the prestigious Top Italian wines, thanks to the DOCG label awarded in 2008, the Recioto di Gambellara is a wine with very specific organoleptic characteristics, produced solely in the hilly area to the west of the province of Vicenza.

It is produced in the two Classic and Spumante varieties and in accordance with the production conditions regulation, 100% should be made up of the Garganega grape: this is a local vine variety with white berries from among those of major significance in the Vicenza area and that are ideal for the production of straw wines.

The amount of production per hectare is relatively low. Nevertheless, this favours the growth of high quality grapes. This is undoubtedly due to the specific pedo climatic characteristics: the grapes behind the Recioto di Gambellara grow on volcanic-origin land extremely rich in mineral salts; the climate is mild with hot summers and particularly humid with lots of rain during the winter and without relevant heat excursions.

The wine is a beautiful colour between straw and golden yellow with amber shades, an intense, fruity aroma, a sweet, structured and balanced taste. Ideal alongside desserts, biscuits of all kinds and ice creams.