Ironman 70.3 The most exciting and extreme sporting event ever.
Event details Sport On 26 September 2021
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The Town Jesolo is the backdrop to one of the most exciting and extreme sporting events ever: Ironman 70.3 Venice - Jesolo.

The event will welcome athletes and enthusiasts on Sunday 26 September 2021. 1.9 km of swimming in the open sea, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running in the Jesolian hinterland, this is Ironman, the challenge that pushes athletes to the limit of physical and mental endurance! A tiring journey immersed in nature and the beauty of the territory to set the best time and to win.

Only by challenging your limits you will really understand who you are! From a world-famous historic commercial city to a modern icon that is considered the romantic destination par excellence, Venice and the lido of Jesolo add another piece to their history as they are getting ready to welcome the seekers of glory whose journey will consists of swimming, cycling and running.

This race features qualifying slots for the Ironman World Championship 2022 Taupo New Zealand. To learn more visit the official page.

The event is organised in full compliance with Covid-19 standards.

Source: Iat Jesolo