PGI Badoere Asparagus

PGI Badoere Asparagus

The Badoere Asparagus is a vegetable that boasts a long tradition from the Treviso region with origins probably dating back to Roman times.  Literary records also show many sources as stating that the Badoere Asparagus is one of the most prestigious products from the Veneto region. 

Two types of delicate shoot;  there is the white shoot  (5 varieties) and the green shoot (5 varieties)  The white shoot has a sweet flavour, neither bitter nor salty, tender and not fibrous; the green shoot on the other hand has a more marked flavour, neither bitter nor salty with a persistent fruity and herbal aroma.

A delicacy for the palate and healthy too: The asparagus is rich in vitamins and minerals, offering cleansing and diuretic properties and is particularly recommended in slimming diets. The production areas can be found in the Treviso region (with the municipalities of Casale sul Sile, Casier, Istrana, Mogliano, Morgano, Paese, Preganziol, Quinto, Resana, Treviso, Vedelago, Zero Branco); it is also grown in the municipalities of Piombino Dese and Trebaseleghe in the Padua area and finally in the Venetian area (Scorzè). 

With this new recognition the Treviso province can now boast two asparagus with the Protected Geographical Indication (there is also the asparagus of Cimadolmo) together with the Vicenza PDO for the Bassano Asparagus.