A natural versatile, renewable and environmentally friendly material, man has used wood since ancient times to build everyday objects and even for large works of architecture.

Woodworking goes back a long way in the provinces of Vicenza and Verona and is still important today for the economy of the local area. The materials used, the exceptional high quality of inlays, carvings and decorations, as well as the sophisticated design of each work, are the points of excellence recognised by the Ministry of Industry and Regione Veneto as qualities to protect thesehandicrafts at a national level. The trademarks 'Mobile del Bassanese' and 'Mobile d'Arte', are used to identify items of furniture worked by the skilled craftsmen, who are experts in the arts of carpentry, carving, polishing and varnishing, but also those of gilding and restoration.

In the Vicenza area, woodworking enterprises are clustered in the north-eastern area of the province, with Bassano del Grappa as the most representative centre. The "Mobile d'arte in stile della pianura veronese", translating as "Artistic furniture in the Verona Plain style" is the product of artistic crafts in certain municipalities on the Verona Plain, created in the 20th century to imitate the styles of furniture and accessory building present in Europe and, in particular, in central-northern Italy since the Renaissance.