Walking, getting excited in nature A rich programme of activities for an unforgettable holiday!
Event details Other events - Family and children - Guided tours and excursions From 1 July 2019 To 31 August 2019
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Many unmissable summer activities in Val di Zoldo, dedicated to those who love to experience the mountains in the open air. In July and August, the activities of the programme " Walking: getting excited in nature" are an absolute experience to be enjoyed!

Do you prefer adrenaline and always trying new experiences? Try canyoning with local mountain guides along the Dolomite streams! Alternatively, discover climbing, from the easiest climbs to putting yourself to the test on the most difficult climbs, surrounded by a unique and fascinating environment, between Pelmo and Civetta!  Do you want to discover the unusual and unexplored Dolomites in complete safety? The excursions by the Italian Val di Zoldo Alpine Club, or excursions with a mountain guide are an unmissable opportunity to venture into the wild nature!

Take home a suitcase of indelible memories, visiting unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the plateau of Mondeval at the foot of Mount Pelmo, a popular destination for photographers from around the world, or the Civetta massif that majestically dominates the valley. Take advantage of the shuttle service crossings at the start and finish of your itinerary, treat yourself to a long excursion in peace and quiet without worrying about transport.

Source: Redazione veneto.eu