Dolomiti Extreme Trail
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The Dolomites Extreme Trail is the trail race of the Dolomites of Val di Zoldo, an international event involving athletes from all over the world.

Five routes: of 11 and 22 km, along the villages of Val di Zoldo, open to all and also accessible as a simple workout; of 55 km, the original trail that started this event; and finally the most extreme challenge, 103 km along the paths of the Zoldano Ring, a trekking route loved by hikers. And there’s also the "Mini DXT" for little ones to have fun.

A journey of magic and strong emotions, to discover the extraordinary landscapes offered by the Unesco Dolomites: the wild territories that precede the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, the plateau of Val Pramper, the glacial cirques of the Civetta range on the Tivan trail, Mount Pelmo. Then there’s the Bosconero, with vertical descents from the top of the mountain passes to the depths of the valleys, Monte Rite, a panoramic point on the Dolomites of Val di Zoldo and D'Ampezzo. An unforgettable and exciting adventure that you will carry in your heart forever.

Source: Iat Val di Zoldo