Fuochi artificiali sul Lago di Alleghe
Event details Festivals and folklore On 19 August 2022 Lago di Alleghe Website Ask for info +39.0437.523300
After the event's suspension due to the pandemic, the highlight of the Alleghese summer returns in August 2022.

The traditional fireworks display, whose unique feature is that it is reflected in the calm waters of the lake, will be presented in a new guise.

In fact, the launching station will be located on the peninsula of Villa Paganini Ruspoli, clearly visible from all around the perimeter of the reservoir. Artificial fires have often been accompanied by the illuminated boat competition, for which we will have to wait until 2023 for the repetition of this popular event.

Since the 1970s, this event has been characterised by its uniqueness, which is clearly visible in the pictures that are now circulating in large numbers on social media and which highlight the spectacular mirror effect of the fireworks reflected on the surface of the water.

Tourists and valley dwellers await this day to spend the evening on the shores of the lake from where the spectacle is clearly visible and leaves everyone with an indelible memory.

Source: Iat Alleghe