Vineyards, genuine flavours and villages

#3waystodiscover the Prosecco Hills

1 - Vineyards with a view

The Prosecco hills are a mosaic of small vineyards that have been cultivated with passion and hard work for centuries. A legacy built with the hard work and ingenuity of local winemakers, who, with an original system of terraces, have transformed this hilly area of Veneto into one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in the world. To experience unforgettable emotions, follow the Prosecco Route!

Photo credits Arcangelo Piai

2 - Genuine flavours

Not just wine. The Hills of Prosecco are a treasure trove of delicacies for the palate. Among restaurants, farmhouses and family run trattorias you can take in the homely atmosphere and warmth, with a very high culinary offer that combines the pleasure of good food with the beauty of the landscape, and of course accompanied by a glass of Prosecco DOCG!

3 - Villages and art

The region is dotted with charming towns, churches, villas and palaces, impossible to name them all. Conegliano, for example, is the city that gave birth to the painter Cima da Conegliano. In Susegana, on a hill overlooking the plain, the Castle of San Salvatore is worth a visit. Among these hills there are also two of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Follina and Cison di Valmarino. In Refrontolo don't miss the Molinetto della Croda, a 17th century water mill.