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Foto Museo del Precinema Collezione Minici Zotti

Museums as you didn’t expect them

While we wait for the situation caused by the pandemic to improve and for us to be able to travel safely again, we have created a list of the most unusual and curious museums in our region. Seven real-life excursions to include on your 2021 wish list. For an educational but fun experience.


Museum of Bells (Museo delle campane  - Montegalda, Vicenza)

This original museum is located in Montegalda, in the province of Vicenza, and is housed in the rooms of Villa Fogazzaro-Colbacchini. The exhibition tour presents approximately 200 pieces ranging from Chinese gongs to Indian, Burmese and Thai manufactured gongs; from precious and rare Italian Gothic bells of the 11th century to bells produced in the modern age. In the Foundry Room, the process for making bells and chimes  is illustrated and, thanks to its excellent acoustics, concerts and other musical events are often held there.  On the other hand, in an intriguing patio, you can admire the largest bells.

Foto credits Museo delle Campane di Montegalda

Museum of Adriatic Zoology (Museo di Zoologia Adriatica - Chioggia, Venice)

In Palazzo Grassi di Chioggia, in the province of Venice, you will find the Museum of Adriatic Zoology, which will take you on an adventurous journey through the Adriatic Sea to learn about the organisms that populate it, their characteristics and the environments of life. In one room, the history, culture and traditions of the fishermen of Chioggia are also told. The Museum preserves one of the oldest and most significant collections of marine animals in Italy. The largest specimen is Olivia, a large female basking shark caught in Chioggia by mistake in 2003.

Salce Collection State Museum (Museo Statale Collezione Salce  - Treviso)

Nando Salce’s is a unique collection in Italy and Europe (where the title is disputed with that of Musée de la Publicité in Paris). Born in Treviso in 1977, Salce dedicated his entire life to collecting advertising posters that, in his will, he left to the State.  His only request was that the collection be kept in a Venetian city; Treviso was chosen. The Salce Collection State Museum is located in the old church of Santa Margarita and in the nearby complex of San Gaetano. There are almost 25,000 posters that tell the history of advertising between 1800 and 1900 and that, for conservation reasons, are displayed on a rotating basis. If, on the other hand, you want to see the entire collection, you can do so by accessing the Cultural Assets database.

Precine Museum (Museo del Precinema  - Padua)

The extraordinary Minici Zotti collection is kept in the Angeli Palace, in Prato della Valle, and tells the story of vision machines before the advent of cinema.  The icing on the cake of the collection are the magic lanterns, ancestors of modern film projectors, capable of projecting images painted on glass and "in motion".  On this wonderful tour, you will find projection equipment and glass, musical instruments, a Javanese Shadow theatre from the late 19th century, toy lanterns, photography, vintage stereoscopes, and optical games. 

Museo del Precinema - giochi ottici

Children's Museum Verona

Opened in 2019, this Museum is one of a kind and is tailor-made for children from 0 to 12 years old.  The key words here are "learning by having fun" through direct, interactive experiences. In its approximately 1,000 square metres, different emotional and thematic areas are presented that bring both young and old closer to the STEM world (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and where parents are not only companions, but rather collaborators in the activity of their little ones.

Historical museum of merry-go-rounds and popular shows (Museo del Precinema  - Bergantino, Rovigo)

Bergantino is a small municipality in the province of Rovigo, whose main economic activity revolves around the production of equipment for the Luna parks, in the so-called "factories of dreams". The museum of merry-go-rounds and popular shows is an original museum that collects testimonies, beginning with the games of ancient Egypt until it reaches the large and technological Luna parks of today. A place of wonders and fun, capable of surprising both the young and the old.

Iron and nail museum (Museo del ferro e del chiodo - Forno di Zoldo, Belluno)

"A nail ... to fix the memory" is the phrase that appears at the beginning of the exhibition tour of the Iron and Nail Museum, which is located in the Capitaniato Palace in Forno di Zoldo, in the province of Belluno.  Dedicated to the history of the mining and metallurgical economy, which has characterised these dolomitic areas for centuries, the museum is suitable for both young and old. The exhibition route focuses on the production of nails throughout the centuries and their professional figure of the “ciodarot”.

Museo del ferro e del chiodo