Carmen Consoli
Event details Music and concerts On 25 August 2021
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Born in Catania, Carmen has been approaching music since she was a child: she was just 9 when she started playing electric guitar and at 14 she was already on stage with a rock-blues cover band, Moon Dog's Party.

In Rome she joined the blues tour of the capital and, after returning to Catania, she released her first album, "Due parole", a fascinating collection of pop rock pictures in an electroacoustic key, including "Amore di plastica" presented at the Sanremo Festival in 1996 and which drew the attention of critics and the public to Carmen.

This is followed by a long Italian tour and the first participation in important events (from the May 1st Concert in Rome to Sonoria, from the Recanati Prize to the Tenco Prize). With this event, the Sicilian rock singer celebrates his 25 years of career, made of sought-after texts, sarcasm and first-rate abilities of painting the words on paper, with colleagues and friends who have accompanied her in this long period. To his side there will be a lot of guest, two of them are Samuele Bersani and Max Gazzé.

Source: IAT Verona