Bibione Smoke Free Beach

Bibione has the first Italian beach entirely without smoke

That’s enough of passive smoking and cigarette butts left on the ground. From this summer Bibione will offer its guests just the freshest sea air, a clean environment and wellbeing for young and old alike.

The long path to arrive at this result was started in 2011 with the project ‘Breathe the Sea’ (which has allowed inter alia to recover in three years 550 thousand cigarette butts left along its eight kilometres of beaches). Among the objectives of the project is the achievement of a sustainable tourism, fostering wellbeing, investing in the promotion of Bibione beach as being attentive to health, and increase in people the awareness of the effects of passive smoking.

All this does not mean that smokers must give up cigarettes. 40 areas were prepared for them just behind the beach umbrellas, delimited by structures made of wood coming from the trees felled by the flooding which hit the alpine forests of the Northeast in October.

Bibione, destination of excellence
For 23 consecutive years Bibione has been awarded the Blue Flag for environmental quality and services on the beach. But this is not all: to this add the Green Flag as a children-friendly beach and the EMAS international registration for the defence of the environment and ISO 14001 certification.

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