Cima da Conegliano - Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto con i santi Giovanni Battista e Lucia, Lisbona Calouste Gulbenkian

Cima da Conegliano

Cima is perhaps less known to the general public compared to other Venetian artists from the same era but he is  was a very important painter in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. His paintings gained a lot of fame and represented  sacred subjects and nature. His paintings show the strong feelings he had for the landscapes and the atmosphere that was typical of his native land.  

Even though five centuries have passed, the castle of Collalto can still be seen in the background of Cima's famous work entitled Madonna and Child with Saints Michael and Andrew (which is found at the National Gallery of Parma).

This interest in nature, a fundamental component of artistic expression in the Renaissance, was developed and elaborated in the work of the greatest Venetian artists of the sixteenth century.