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TEDx returns to Castelfranco Veneto with a new event: "Controluce".

The term counter-light is a generic term that will act as a common thread and will allow the speakers to range over different topics: the many topics covered will give the audience the chance to learn new ideas and insights that will help them adopt an innovative point of view.

Multiple guests with different backgrounds will come to share their stories and ideas: authors, writers, and entrepreneurs from different sectors.

In the wonderful location of the Gardens South-West of the city walls, the new independent TED event will be held completely outdoors, in contact with nature.

The choice of location is not random: this corner is set against the backdrop of the busiest and most popular sides of the city. In fact, it is a place that is in the public eye but whose potential has remained little expressed until now.

'An object is defined in backlight when a light source is placed behind it in relation to the viewer, making it appear dark and ill-defined. It is only when you move between the light source and the observed object that you can understand its real shape.'

Tickets available from Wednesday 8 June 2022.

Source: Iat Castelfranco Veneto