Tonezza del Cimone

Slow holidays in close contact with nature

Tonezza del Cimone is situated in the centre of a plateau whose height varies from 900 to 1700 meters of Monte Spitz. A natural environment that encompasses all the typical flora and fauna of the Alps and that becomes a wonderful setting for sporting activities in the open air and in contact with nature.


Tonezza del Cimone will surprise you with trails suitable for every level of preparation: from the simple didactic-naturalistic Excalibur, that crosses the charming beech and larch tree woods to the more challenging trail up to Monte Caviojo that passes through the military tunnel of Cima Neutra

There are also many itineraries on the history trails, among ancient walkways, trenches and military forts from the First World War. In the warm season the plateau is the realm of mountain biking with paths that cater for all tastes and all legs!


When the mantle of white snow covers Tonezza del Cimone, the town and its plateau are transformed and become winter centres with multiple possibilities: slopes for downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, itineraries for snowshoes.

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