Alpago Cansiglio Nevegal

Destinations for anyone who loves nature and relaxation but also extreme sports

The heart of this area is the lake of Santa Croce with its green-blue waters. Around Alpago with its conifer forests and pastures; Alpe del Nevegàl with its beautiful scenery that on more clear days touches the Venetian lagoon; Cansiglio with its incredible beech and fir forest that extends for about 7.000 hectares (the second Italian forest). 


In the summer months, Alpago becomes the homeland of the lovers of free flight: there is who paraglides and hang glides from Monte Dolada and who instead by sail does a thousand manoeuvres on the waters of lake transported by the afternoon thermals. Cansiglio and Alpe del Nevegal are the joy of hikers but also of the fans of the green (the 18-hole golf course is modelled on the karst roughness of the area) and mountain bike.


An area that offers emotions even in winter! Alpe del Nevegal is a paradise for the lovers of downhill skiing while the mountains of Alpago are a favourite destination for those who practice ski mountaineering (the Transcavallo pairs race runs between these mountains, which is one of the most important and renowned in the international circuit of ski mountaineering).

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