Slow holidays on water

Water is one of Veneto’s fundamental elements and to get to know and appreciate our wonderful area from a different perspective, you can sail along streams, rivers, lagoons.

There are many opportunities: think about a day in a canoe or kayak, or even in a rubber dinghy, you’re sure to enjoy yourselves! And why not try a unique experience by travelling on a houseboat? When seen from the water, Veneto takes on new perspectives in the way of slow and sustainable holidays.

Therefore, let yourselves be gently rocked by the slow movement of the waves, admire the beauties around you and finally take time to enjoy the culinary excellences of our area.


Venice in bragozzo (two-mast Adriatic trawler)

Navigate in discovery of the islands of the Serenissima Republic of Venice on a bragozzo (two-mast Adriatic trawler), a boat typical of Venetian shipbuilding, which is perhaps one of the most fascinating and surprising ways. At a slow pace, you can get lulled by the gentle waves of the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea and land in suggestive places, often unknown to the mass tourism circuit.

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Sail along the Sile

A nice sail on the calm waters of the longest Italian resurgence river on board flat bottomed ships, houseboats or hire small ecological boats. The Oasi di Cervara and large water reservoirs at Quinto di Treviso are worth a visit.

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Slowly on the Po Delta

To experience the Po Delta area more intimately and emotionally it is necessary to travel across it by water. In canoe, flat bottomed “batana”, with a motor boat or small boat. Because this is the only way you will discover this extraordinarily beautiful natural environment

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Paddling on the Adige River

The Adige River is perhaps one of the most loved by canoeists, so much so that the Adigemarathon is held every year in October, a river marathon with athletes from all over the world. And after a day spent paddling, a break on land is a must, to taste the goodies from the area

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Padua a water city

In its network of navigable canals Padua rediscovers the artistic, historic and naturalistic aspects of the area. Tour companies carry out both day and evening boat excursions along the waterways in the city and province

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