Robert Capa. The artwork 1932-1954 Photographic exhibition
Event details Exhibitions From 8 October 2022 To 29 January 2023 Rovigo Website Ask for info +390425460093

Top international photography returns to Palazzo Roverella with an exhibition dedicated to Robert Capa, one of the founders of the Magnum Agency and creator of iconic images in the history of the twentieth century.

The exhibition, which echoes the recent retrospective dedicated to Robert Doisneau in terms of quality and originality, consists of 366 photographs selected from the archives of the Magnum Photos agency, in order to retrace the main stages of Capa's career and capture the facets of the personality of this great photojournalist: a passionate, legendary, but ultimately elusive, character.

The public will also be able to admire reproductions of auditions and pages of his notebooks, the publications of his news reports in the French and American press (reproductions of the double-page photos), and extracts from his texts on photography, which touch on topics such as blurring, distance, craft, political commitment, and war.

The exhibition brings together, on different occasions, several points of view of the same event, as if to reproduce a shot/reverse shot movement, and offers a cinematographic atmosphere that is often perceptible in many shots.

Reservation required.

Source: Iat Rovigo