Hills of San Benedetto

Foto di Franco Voglino
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0424 479245

The Hills of San Benedetto are named after an ancient monastery founded by Benedictine monks in the mid-1200s, of which unfortunately no trace remains today.

On one side, the walls and massive Upper Castle of Marostica; on the other, gentle slopes dotted with a dense mixed forest, slender cypresses, expanses of vineyards, olive trees and centuries-old cherry trees.

The itinerary through the hills of San Benedetto is a pleasant walk (marked no.2) that starts on the left of Via Ponte Quarello, just outside the historic centre of the walled city. The path rises quickly in the woods but after about a quarter of an hour you will see that it becomes very easy and panoramic, with few ups and downs. A lush vegetation accompanies you along the dirt road, giving you priceless sensations of peace and serenity. You will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful landscape that welcomes you in spring with a riot of flowers and scents, and in summer with restful shade from chestnuts, poplars and pines. 

A final gentle climb leads you to the hill above the town of Marsan where you find the picturesque church of Sant'Agata, a fourteenth-century building dedicated to those killed in all wars. Here there are benches and green spaces where you can have a short regenerating stop and admire the San Floriano Valley and the Vicenza Pre-Alps, before returning to Marostica.


Technical data:
Level of difficulty: easy.
Length: 4.2 km one way.
Duration: 1 hour 30 min one way.
Elevation gain: 165 m.

The Marostica Cherry PGI: if you are anywhere near the "City of Chess" in the springtime, you can’t miss the unexpected spectacle offered by the hills covered with cherry blossoms. Just a few months later, these trees are covered with the red fruits: fleshy, very sweet and with a characteristic heart shape.