Mud therapy

For some people taking a holiday means fun and sport and for others it is the pursuit of well-being. However, you can find both at the spas in the Veneto Region. There are extraordinary healing properties in the application of various therapeutic, aesthetic and "getting back into shape" treatments found in the spas. Among the different types of applications, mud treatment is excellent thanks to the unique properties found in the mud that is used.

Due to its unique anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, the mud of the Terme Euganee boasts a European patent (DOC ripened mud). The secret is in the water that starts to flow from the uncontaminated basins of the Alps, and after a long underground journey during which it is enriched with particularly beneficial minerals, it resurfaces in the area of the Terme Euganee at a temperature of 87 °. This unique water is at the base of the ripening, conservation and regeneration process of the thermal mud.

From a microbiological point of view, the mud of the Euganean area is "ripened mud" and is able to guarantee proven and durable therapeutic effects after undergoing a series of transformations resulting in the combined action of thermal water, clay and microorganisms.

Mud therapy at Euganean Spas

The mud of the Euganean spas is particularly suitable in treating diseases associated with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. The practice of mud therapy is widespread. Basically, the mud is applied with a compress followed by a bath, a sweating reaction and massage session. There are four consecutive steps, each of which is important for achieving the benefits of the Spa treatment. 
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At Recoaro Terme the Ochre Mud

"Ochre Mud", a special type of mud therapy is used in the province of Vicenza, at Recoaro Terme. The natural deposits that are formed in the ferruginous water tanks give this mud its characteristic colour. In this case, the solid component is of an inorganic nature and is partly given by the saline precipitation of the water. Ochre mud retains heat and then dissipates it gradually and that is why this mud is particularly suited for treating post-trauma fractures.
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