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History, art and taste. Discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Small but elegant, Montagnana is one of the best preserved walled cities in the Veneto region with a massive wall surrounded by a grassy ditch and interspersed with twenty-four towers and four gates, among which the gates of Legnago and Padua stand out.

There is a lot more than the extraordinary fort to see in Montagnana. Villa Pisani, found just after the Padua gate, is a mansion built around 1550 based on a project by Palladio, which differs from the typical country house because it is inserted in the historical center. The Castel of San Zeno and the Giusti Sammartini Building is next to this mansion. The ancient Monte di Pietà is also remarkable; it is one of the most beautiful buildings of the eighteenth century and is beside the Valeri Building and the adjacent building adorned with two Venetian style chimneys. The remains of the ancient church of San Giovanni Battista is now the foundation of the Building of the Loggia, and where there once was a church from the tenth century now stands the Duomo dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

Fascinating historical commemorations and tasty food and wine events offer further charm and fame to this walled city. The Palio dei dieci comuni, is an event held during the first week of September opened by a parade of people in period costumes that continues in the fortification where ten riders compete in an exciting race. In May the air is filled with the sweet perfume of the Berico-Euganeo DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Prosciutto that is served during a feast that attracts thousands of gourmands each year.

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