Eraclea Mare

An oasis of tranquillity just a few kilometres from Venice

A seaside resort a few kilometres from Venice and immersed in a natural oasis, Eracela Mare has been awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe for a few years. Eraclea is the ideal place for a peaceful vacation.

Eraclea is also called the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and a florid and old pine forest bound its beautiful beach that is three kilometres long, which is its natural glory. A show of colours is presented to tourists during the summer months: the dunes of the coast are covered with tamarisks that create a unique mix of the pink of the buds, gold sand and green vegetation.

The reserve of the Lagoon of Mort, found at the western border of the built-up area, is remarkable from an environmental point of view. This lagoon is separated from the sea by a strip of natural dunes. Relaxing walks, bicycle or horseback rides allow tourists to reach the most picturesque corners and hidden lagoon, explore the pine forest, and watch the wonderful sunsets.

During the day the beach of Eraclea welcomes those who want to spend time in the sunshine, play beach volleyball, windsurf or sail. At night restaurants and nightclubs on the main street, Dancalia, delight tourists with delicious dishes.

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Where: Via tra i Pini, 18 - 30020 Eraclea Mare (Province of Venice)


Known as the Perla dell'alto Adriatico (Pearl of the Upper Adriatic), Eraclea Mare is one of the smallest tourist locations of the Venetian Riviera.

Located between Caorle and Jesolo, reaching around 500 thousand tourist visitors a year, and is characterised by its natural setting.

The best-loved feature of this locality is the pine forest that extends for the full length of the coast, with artificial sand dunes, nature trails and a small port alongside the famous Laguna del Mort, declared in 2003 by the Italian environmental association Legambiente to be one of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy.

This oasis can only be reached by sea or by on foot along a path through unchanged and unspoilt natural surroundings.

Metebeach, the bathing spot selected as part of the "Veneto Beach Social and Inclusive Tourism" project, is just a short walk through the pine forest from the car parks in via Delle Rose, or from via Tra i Pini, where there are also six disabled parking spaces.

Metebeach is a family-run business, with qualified staff for your every need. The beach is suitable for all and specifically caters for people with reduced mobility.

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