The Butterfly House

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone +39 049 89.10.189
Useful advice: There is a code of ethics for the protection of insects that is adopted in the breeding, transport and display of the butterflies.
A unique and exciting show you can experience in he Butterfly Arc of Montegrotto Terme, in the surroundings of the Euganean hills: hundreds of colourful butterflies flying free in a miniature tropical forest.

The structure consists of a glass greenhouse filled with lush plants including palms, banana trees, orchids and passiflora that mimic the tropical climate, thus allowing the butterflies to live in absolute freedom, all under the amazed eyes of the visitors. They are born, grow and "pampered" here.

The visit provides a lot of opportunities for both students and tourists to learn. In fact, it is designed with an educational approach thanks to which you can deal with different natural and environmental topics.

The park outside hosts the Fairy Wood (Bosco delle Fate), a mythological garden where ancient legends are brought back to life, both from Italian and Celtic popular tradition, all linked to the elements of nature. Friendly gnomes, elves and pixies, bewitching fairies and extraordinary wizards, great kings and beautiful queens that are camouflaged among the trees, thus leading you to explore an enchanted world.
The Butterfly Arc was the first butterfly house built in Italy and was the brainchild of the entomologist Enzo Moretto, with the fundamental support of his wife, the naturalist Gabriella Tamino.