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There is also a covered and semi-covered structure for educational activities, outdoor spaces dedicated to archaeological workshops, spaces dedicated to reception and tourist information and tastings, a nature trail and a playground with picnic area.

Located in the municipality of Revine Lago, in the province of Treviso, the Parco Archeologico Didattico del Livelet (" Livelet Educational Archaeological Park") is located in a small area that caters for a variety of natural, historical and food and wine interests.

Particularly suitable for children, schools, the grest (GRuppo ESTate or Gruppi Ricreativi ESTivi [Summer Group or Summer Recreational Groups])and summer camps, with activities such as guided tours and interesting workshops, the park is also designed to capture the interest of adults. From a historical and landscape point of view, it offers the possibility of birdwatching and exploring the surrounding area in a special place, also offering a picnic and barbecue area, to share a meal with friends in a very pleasant setting.

The pile-dwelling village, consisting of three pile-dwellings that date back to a period that goes from the end of the Neolithic to the early Bronze Age, aims to show visitors similar houses and objects to those of ancient times, made with the same techniques and materials available in Prehistoric times and placed in a similar environmental context to that in which they were produced in the past.

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