Transpelmo Skyrun Exciting mountain running race between Pelmo and Val di Zoldo
Event details Sport On 3 September 2023 Val di Zoldo Website Ask for info

The Transpelmo sky race is developped around the beautiful Mount Pelmo, in the Dolomites Unesco World Heritage.

The circular path of 19,5 km starts in Pecol, at the beginning rising to a hill in a wood of fir trees. Then, it continues along a wide path on the mountains, over the wide Alpine pastures under Mount Pelmo, and in wood of mountain pines, until to reach the first refreshment point that will be equipped at Rifugio Venezia where runners can find the first break. From here, it is begins the difficult ascent, which through a first saddle leads to a steep scree slope to the forcella and finally Val d'Arcia, the highest point of the race (2607 m).

The descent is carried out for a long scree until you join in the gravel path leading up to the third refreshment point at Passo Staulanza. Beyond a short ascent, the final stage of descent begins, through the Pian dei Buoi that will take you back to where it is located Palafavera the arrival and final refreshment.

Source: Iat Val di Zoldo