Route details Recommended period Winter Phone0436 79130 - 0436 780019

Materials: freeride skis, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe, protective helmet

The route sets off directly from the run that connects the Padon Pass to the station at the bottom of the Padon 1 chairlift. 

It passes along the wide slope to the right of the resort and down across a wide gentle slope closed off at the bottom by a reverse slope. The route climbs a few metres to the summer path sign. 

From here, you resume the descent to the left and then diagonally to the right along the path, until you enters a wide open slope. You travel down this slope and then, moving to the left, you reach a small tabià. From this wooden cabin, you continue to the left to descend through a valley with sparse woodland.

At the end of the valley you meet a group of tabià and follow a road that takes a long and picturesque route to the hamlet of Col d'Ornella. You can keep going to the church of Ornella by travelling on the slopes to the left of the road.

If you want, once you have crossed the road, you can ski on further down to the hamlet of Pe 'd'Ornella and from there to the valley floor, near Vallazza.

  • DIFFERENCE IN ALTITUDE 600 - 700 - 850 m approximately (depending on the chosen arrival point)
  • DEPARTURE from Arabba, on the ski slopes towards the Padon Pass
  • ARRIVAL at Col d'Ornella and then, by own transport or by taxi, to Arabba


Warnings: Off-piste skiing is an activity you choose to do at your own risk, with the obligation of knowing how to self-rescue. It always recommended to contact the Alpine Guides or the Ski Schools.