Primavera del Prosecco Superiore Food and Wine Festival
Event details Exhibitions - Festivals and folklore - Wine and food - Great events - Guided tours and excursions From 18 March 2023 To 11 June 2023 Conegliano Website Ask for info (0039) 0438893385
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The Primavera del Prosecco Superiore is not only a food and wine event but also a journey into the beauty of the places where the expert oenological art of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg was born and where “know-how” is combined with the enhancement of a unique environment that is protected by UNESCO.

From 18 March to 11 June there will be 17 Wine Exhibitions in a packed programme of events that reveal the territory, with its wealth of history, culture, food and wine. The festival also includes walks and guided tours, bike tours, horseback riding and competitive sporting events.  The Grand Final is scheduled in Conegliano between July 7 and 8 with the White Night of Flavours and the Grand Gala of the Primavera del Prosecco Superiore.


Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene from 18 to 30 March

Col San Martino from 6 to 24 April

San Pietro di Barbozza from 8 to 23 April

Miane from 21 April to 1 May

Guia di Valdobbiadene from 21 April to 7 May

Cison di Valmarino from 22 April to 1 May

Colbertaldo and Vidor from 22 April to 1 May

San Giovanni di Valdobbiadene from 22 April to 1 May

Refrontolo from 23 April to 7 May

Ogliano from 28 April to 7 May

Farra di Soligo 29 and 30 April / 6 and 7 May

Combai from 5 to 14 May

Fregona from 13 to 28 May

Conegliano 13 and 14 May

Corbanese from 20 May to 4 June

San Pietro di Feletto from 27 May to 11 June

Vittorio Veneto from 2 to 11 June

Source: IAT Conegliano