From Rosolina to Porto Tolle

Route details Recommended period Spring, Autumn Phone+39 0426 326020

To be travelled by bicycle

About 40 km of flat roads and little traffic, immersed in the unique natural environment of the Po Delta Park, discovering the hidden wonders of this Venetian corner with a fragile and delicate ecosystem.

The path that leads from the hamlet of Portesine di Rosolina to Porto Tolle is a fascinating journey, well suited to the slow pace of the bicycle. The route, mostly on tarmac roads, is suitable for all and runs adjacent to the typical valleys, ditches and water undertows that host fish farms and a wealth of animal species.

First stop is the eighteenth-century church in the hamlet of Moceniga, a few kilometres in from the start of the route. From here, pedalling towards the great river that has shaped the local landscape, you arrive at the ferry landing on the eastern shore of the Po, on which you can load the bike to cross the mighty river (the service operates every day except Tuesdays and between 12.00 and 14.00).

Having crossed the river and arrived at the eastern port, you head towards Sacca Cavallari, typical example of lagoon habitat, and then move on to Ca 'Pisani, and from here enter the town of Porto Tolle, where you can visit the Documentation Centre on Rural Civilization and the Chiesa del Santissimo Cuore di Gesù.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception stands in Moceniga di Rosolina. In the second half of the 18th century, the Venetian patricians Alvise and Marcantonio Mocenigo bought in this area a vast alluvial area that they turned into a fishing and hunting valley and erected the sacred building to promote Sunday prayer in the valleys.