The properties of the thermal waters

It is one of the most widespread  spa treatments and is often associated with the application of mud and massaging.

But what is balneotherapy? This is bathing in tubs with or without whirlpool, where the therapeutic action is determined by the temperature of the water and the chemical composition of the water itself. Recommended for inflammatory problems and for dermatosis, this therapy is often used together with mud-bath treatment.

Balneotherapy at the Euganee Spa

At the Euganee Spa, balneotherapy avails itself of the use of the salty-bromine-iodine spa water combined with heat to allow effective rehabilitative care. The therapy is especially recommended for painful syndromes and muscle contractures, for rehabilitation programmes after traumas, fractures and surgical interventions, to resolve chronic inflammatory processes.

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Balneotherapy at Recoaro Spa

In the spa centre of Recoaro Terme, in the province of Vicenza, you are offered various types of therapeutic baths. The ochre bath is very famous, based on strongly mineralized water, that is effective not so much for the absorption of substances through the skin, but as for the stimulation that mineral ions exert on the nerve endings of the skin.

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Balneotherapy at the Bibione Spa

The spa centre of Bibione has a balneotherapy unit suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and orthopaedic illnesses. The temperature of the water and salts dissolved therein ensure therapeutic efficacy.

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