Euganean Hills Wine Road
Route details Departure pointTerme Euganee Arrival pointGalzignano
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Padua winemaking is at its height in the Euganean Hills area. The volcanic soil is perfect for vines, and here the typical local varieties of Pinella and Serprina stand out, which are very similar to Prosecco.

The Euganean Spa centres are situated along the Wine Road, the most famous in Europe and particularly well know for their mud treatment.

Nearby the route passes through Valsanzibio di Galzignano, with the 17th century Villa Barbarigo with its beautiful Italian garden with fountains, statues and geometric landscaping. The steel stoned streets of Arquà Petrarca guide us through typical stone houses and the square with its gothic buildings. When we leave the village, where Petrarca, the great poet from Arezzo lived, we reach Este, a pre-roman town with the historic centre bound by walls and dominated by the castle.

The itinerary then leads us to Vo' Euganeo with its fascinating historic residences, Villa Contarini Venier and Villa Sceriman. The road then continues to Praglia, with the majestic Benedictine abbey, where Fogazzaro set some of the events in his Little Modern World. Finally we reach Selvazzano with the noble Villa Emo Capodilista, which was added to the medieval castle in 1500, which then occupied the Montecchia plateau.

Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio Villa Barbarigo

The monumental complex of Valsanzibio with its garden, one of the most beautiful and important existing period gardens, was brought to its current splendour in the second half of the seventeenth century. The itinerary starts from “Diane’s Pavilion” and continues inside the garden enhanced by fountains, streams, water games and the magnificent plant labyrinth. An allegorical composition, commissioned by Gregorio Barbarigo so that the garden could be a monumental emblem of the path of perfection that leads man from error to truth, from ignorance to revelation.

Volcanic genuineness

Along the Wine Road you will find a culinary paradise where excellences characterized by the volcanic earth are created. Local traditions come together with the inventiveness of Euganean cooks, to have you taste the best seasonal recipes of produce from the vegetable garden, the field and the Paduan courtyard.