The Arcole Wine Road
Route details Departure pointArcole Arrival pointSan Bonifacio

A wine area that includes 16 council areas in Verona and 5 in Vicenza, with naturally sandy soil which is ideal for wines, and the wines in the DOC Arcole area also called "sandy wines". The Wine Road passes through countryside that still conserves its farm buildings and lovely sites to see.

The itinerary goes to San Bonifacio with the important Villanova Benedictine Abbey, with its impressive Romanic bell tower, which conserves inside frescoes from the Giotto School, and the lovely rich crypt, with 24 columns holding up tuff arches with figures set in a horseshoe shape and small cross vaults.

Arcole is known for the battle in 1796 between Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian army, but its heart has always been that of farming, as is shown by the extensive farms and the Farming Civilisation Museum that is set up in part of the Romanic Alzana Church.

Cologna Veneta is also lovely, with the Venetian palazzos and old civic tower with the Porta Romana that leads to the unusual Getrevi house, with the "mouth for secret claims" that was set up by the Serenissima republic. The lovely Pietà gothic painting in San Bortolamio Church is very interesting.