History, art and culinary delights of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Mel is located in the province of Belluno, its ancient origins are evidenced by findings from the Paleo-Venetian, Roman and early medieval times, wich are now preserved in the rooms of the Civic Archaeological Museum. Its historic centre is characterised by a harmonious combination of buildings from different eras. This small village with unquestionable charm has recently become part of the small club for the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The imposing Castello di Zumelle stands in the district of Villa di Villa, the only surviving castle in the Belluno area. The building, a military defence garrison, is perched on a cliff and presents visitors with its thirty-six metre high tower. The Castle is surrounded by a welcoming green area where you can enjoy a refreshing picnic or easy walks in the countryside.

Last but not least, we would like to remind you of the successful event that takes place every year in October and which is becoming increasingly popular with the public: Mele a Mel (Apples at Mel). The historic centre is literally invaded by hundreds of exhibitors offering local food and wine specialities, all entertained by music, shows and re-enactments of ancient traditions and mysteries.

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