An ancient history for this casket of precious masterpieces

Feltre, one of the most picturesque walled towns of the Veneto region, stands perched on a hill overlooking the western end of the Valbelluna. The roads of the old town wind around the sixteenth-century houses, with the characteristic frescoed facades and renaissance style belfries and balconies. These are precious architectural jewels that tell of the splendor of the Venetian domination and enchant with their discrete beauty.

You will find the Building of Reason near the Piazza Maggiore, the hub of the city life. This building houses the old Teatro de la Sena, or Theatre of the Scene, a stage that saw the birth of the famous Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni. The sixteenth-century Cumano building houses the "Carlo Rizzarda" Gallery of Modern Art, named after the artist who wanted to leave his city with one of the largest European examples of the ancient art of wrought iron.

Amongst the buildings of the old town stands the tower of Castle Alboino as if wanting to match the height of the peaks of Feltre. It is believed that the name of the castle is linked to the rebuilding of Feltre by the Lombards.At Anzù, approximately three kilometers from Feltre there is a charming millenary Sanctuary of Saint Victor and Saint Corona, a jewel of Romanesque-Byzantine art with precious frescos from the Giotto school.

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