Livinallongo del Col di Lana

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Livinallongo del Col di Lana, locally known by the Ladin name Fodóm, is a scattered municipality made up of several hamlets and villages, of which the largest are Pieve - municipal centre - and Arabba, famous summer and winter tourist resort.

Ancient dominion of the Tyrol, it saw the rise of the Andraz Castle around the year 1000, which can still be visited today and houses a small museum.

The name of the town, which derives from the Ladin word "livinal" - gorge, a landslide valley, which probably refers the narrow valley at the beginning of the Cordevole course - also refers to the Col di Lana, which sadly became famous for the bloody episodes during the First World War.

The Ladin identity and the history linked to the Tyrolean events are still very much felt by the people of Livinallongo, which in the centre of Pieve houses the Museum of History, Customs and Traditions of the Ladin People.

Territory with a strong tourist vocation, Livinallongo is an excellent tourist destination, especially in the district of Arabba, which has direct access to the slopes of the Arabba-Marmolada ski area, part of the Dolomiti Superski group. In the summer, there are numerous possibilities for walks, excursions and climbs up to the most beautiful Dolomite peaks.

Another important resource for the territory is the preservation of activities in forestry and shepherding, agriculture and mountain farming.
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