Vittorio Veneto

City of art, music and wine

Vittorio Veneto stands on the slopes of the Alps, protected by the rolling hills of Treviso and cut through by the calm waters of the Meschio River. This city was founded by the merging of the two towns of Ceneda and Serravalle. The merging of these two souls is evident in the urban and historic buildings.

In fact, the old district of Serravalle is noticeable and is characterized by the Community Loggia, today's Museum of Ceneda, and the bell tower which is decorated with the oldest clock in Italy and Europe. 

Sacred places retain a special fascination, like the Duomo of S. Maria Nuova that holds an altarpiece by Tiziano. The staircase leading to the Shrine of St. Augusta is found on top of the Marcantone Mountain.

Ceneda is spread around the imposing bulk of the Cathedral, the old building of the Loggia of Ceneda, today's Museum of the Battle and the Castle of San Martino, of roman origins even though the current structure is from the Lombards. Lorenzo Da Ponte, the famous poet and librettist best known for writing some of the most famous works of Mozart, was born in Ceneda.

History, nature and traditions stretch along the Meschio River: a three mile pedestrian path that offers unprecedented views of Vittorio Veneto, through old buildings, old mills and the characteristic "Meschet", hydraulic works made by the Serravallesi to hold the river after the disastrous flood of 1598.

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