A small village in the Treviso hills that tells a thousand stories

Recently included in the club for the " Most Beautiful Villages in Italy", Follina is an active tourist and cultural centre at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps. It is best known for the spirituality of its sights, which attract thousands of tourists every year in search of peace and harmony. In fact, the village is home to the Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria, a complex of great artistic value that is among the most famous and beautiful in the region. It is worth paying it a visit for the feeling of serenity it conveys.

Among the valuable works preserved within, there is the sandstone statue of the Madonna del Sacro Calice, which has always been an object of veneration and pilgrimage. The Romanesque bell tower is the oldest part of the entire building. The splendid cloister and small cloister of the Abbot from the 13th century should not be missed.

Follina is home to many craft activities, including the processing of wool. It was the monks of the Abbey themselves who brought this art to Follina and it was they who developed the activity of fulling, "follatura” in Italian (from which the very name of the place derives). Nowadays, this activity is complemented by that of silk and for art and design lovers we suggest the exhibition "La Via della Lana" (The Journey of Wool) for its innovative proposals.

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