Foto di Giovanni Sartore
Via dell’Acqua

Foto Comune Cison di Valmarino
Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn Phone+39 0438 977601

Road of 100 days: a masterpiece of civil engineering located a few kilometres from Cison di Valmarino. Eighteen hairpin bends and five tunnels built in record time between 1 February and 1 June 1918 by the Austro-Hungarian army. A breathtaking route, especially for cyclists and bikers.

The Via dell 'Acqua is an easy route that runs through the Treviso Pre-Alps, specifically in Cison di Valmarino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. 

It is a route that you can complete in a day, and is also suitable for families with children, starting just above the very central Piazza Roma. You will walk along to the melodious background soundtrack of the water flowing in the Rujo stream and be catapulted into what was, until the early 1900s, the artisan reality of Cison. Among waterfalls, woods and meadows you will encounter old washhouses, fountains, canals, old mills and other magical creatures carved in wood by skilled local artists.  Along this short trail, you will find explanatory signs with information on ancient economic activities such as wool processing and grain milling. The trail ends at the entrance of the "Bosco delle Penne Mozze", a memorial that honours all the fallen Alpine soldiers from the province of Treviso.


Technical data
Difficulty: Easy, not suitable for pushchairs
Length: about 7 km round trip
Total duration: approx. 4 hours
Elevation change: approx. 200 m

An enchanted forest: the trail runs through the lush natural landscapes of the Treviso Pre-Alps. If you look closely, you may meet fairies, gnomes, elves and other fantastic creatures...