Corlo Lake

Corlo Lake at Arsiè is a small Norwegian fjord immersed in the mountains of Belluno and only a few kilometres from the Venetian valley.

A jewel set in the wide green valley between the Valsugana, Monte Grappa and the area of Feltre; this lake is formed by a barrage of the Cismon Torrent and stretches south of Arsiè, a small town with the same name, up to the charming village of Rocca. Today Rocca is only a small group of houses because most of the town was submerged in 1954.

The northern banks of the lake with its wide beach of grass are not very high, while the south is irregular and jagged, carved by the beautiful bays that can be seen along the dirt roads that wind along the shore across from Rocca. The characteristic rope bridge made of steel cables is very impressive.

For those who want to spend a few relaxing days in direct contact with nature, there are two well-equipped campsites that are directly situated on the shores of the lake. Tourists can stay in one of the many Bed & Breakfasts, farmhouses, or in the typical alpine houses. 

The beautiful landscape, away from traffic and confusion, is also indicated for lake sports such as recreational fishing and canoeing. There are also pedal boats on which tourists can explore the shores and the inlets of the lake. This all makes for a relaxing vacation.

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